Course curriculum

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  2. 2
    • Module 1: Basics of Brain Health

    • Understanding Your Brain

    • The "New Brain" vs the "Old Brain" Visual

    • Stress Explained: Morgan's Story

    • Is it Stress or is it Burnout?

    • Let's Recap! Module 1

    • Module 1 Reflection Activity

  3. 3
    • Module 2: Re-Centre

    • Module 2 Introduction

    • First, let's find calm

    • All About Triggers (Explanation + Story)

    • Building Your Awareness Around Stress Responses

    • Activity: Body Scan Meditation

    • Create Your Re-Centre Plan

    • Let's Recap: Module 2

    • Module 2 Reflection Activity

  4. 4
    • Module 3: Finding the Root

    • What you'll learn in Module 3

    • Getting Information From Your Body's Responses

    • What are you really feeling?

    • Finding the Root Explained: Amanda's Story

    • Let's practice! Finding the Root

    • Let's recap! Module 3

    • Module 3 Reflection Activity

  5. 5
    • Module 4: Reframe

    • What You'll Learn in Module 4

    • Activity: The Cognitive Triad

    • What Is Reframing?

    • Thought Traps

    • Reframing Explained: Amanda's Story, Part 2!

    • Let's Practice! How to Reframe

    • Let's recap! Module 4

    • Module 4 Reflection Activity

  6. 6
    • Module 5: Rethinking Rest

    • What You'll Learn in Module 5

    • Activity: Hot Air Balloon Exercise

    • The Importance of Rest, Explained

    • Rest as a Psychological Imperative (Visual)

    • Morgan's Story, Continued

    • Schedule Your Rest First: Monday "Power Hour"

    • Let's Recap! Module 5

    • Module 5 Reflection Activity

  7. 7
    • Course Recap

    • Thank You & Where to Find Us

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know this course is right for me?

    This course was developed for people who feel stress from the workplace. Many of our examples therefore draw from common workplace experiences. HOWEVER, the tools we teach in this course are universal and can be utilised by anyone to reduce stress.

  • How will this course help me?

    This course will teach you four PRACTICAL psychological tools aimed at stress reduction. These tools can be easily personalised AND can be implemented immediately!

  • What is the format of the course?

    The course includes pre-recorded videos, visual presentations, and downloadable PDF worksheets.

  • Why is this course priced in USD? Can I pay in JMD?

    Unfortunately, this hosting platform only processes USD payments via PayPal. However, you may use your credit or debit card with PayPal - which offers a currency conversion service - so your card can be charged in JMD.

  • Any other questions? Email us!

    You can reach out to [email protected] for specific information.